Positive Legacy

One World United Through Music

Positive Legacy, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, works to magnify the cultural experiences of those attending Castaway with Southern Ground. Positive Legacy’s mission inspires music fans and artists to collectively take action and build a better world. Positive Legacy creates meaningful opportunities for musicians and fans to participate in humanitarian and environmental outreach projects to support the local community. In addition to helping the local community, auction proceeds benefit Camp Southern Ground in their mission to give children of all abilities an opportunity to experience the magic of the outdoors.

Details about ways to give back, as well as the programs and initiatives that will allow us to leave a positive legacy in 2018, will be announced in the coming months. 

Castaway 2017 Recap

Read more about the 2017 initiatives in the tiles below or get the full in-depth report from our adventure by visiting Positive Legacy's website.

We had a great day working with Dreams for Mayan Children in the nearby community of Dos Palmas! We broke into groups and spent the morning scattering seeds in the school’s garden beds, painting classroom walls and a mural at the school, and cleaning up the grounds. Afterwards we went for a dip in a breathtaking cenote of gorgeous blue water. We were treated to a traditional Mayan lunch and closed out the day with an awe-inspiring Temazcal ceremony and musical performance by the school children. Stay tuned for info about our 2018 Day of Service!
We are pleased to announce that Positive Legacy was able to raise over $33,000 in last year’s silent and live charity auction! Auction proceeds will go to support Positive Legacy’s environmental & humanitarian projects such as Dreams for Mayan Children and Camp Southern Ground. Thank you to all the Castaway fans who bid in the auction. A special thank you to the musicians and their management, the fan/artists for supporting the auction with their custom donations and to Josh Timmermans and Dave Vann for their amazing photography.
Positive Legacy and Trees, Water & People make it easy to travel responsibly, by offsetting the emissions from your travel to Mexico for Castaway. We appreciate those that donated to the carbon offset program in 2017. Your donations support a community tree nursery that is producing 10,000 trees a year for rural communities on the north coast of Haiti, providing the sequestration of thousands of tons of carbon dioxide emissions. You can offset your carbon footprint by making a donation when booking your 2018 reservation.
We are always looking for a few good helping hands onsite at our events to:

  • Collect and organize donations at events
  • Assist our team to prepare items for our Charity Auctions 
  • Staff the Positive Legacy table on site and share the activities and great work we are doing 
  • Participate in one of Day of Service events Act as a Volunteer Captain for “Day Of” events and outings 

If you are interested, please contact Mary: honiotes@positivelegacy.com
In October 2016, Positive Legacy awarded Dreams for Mayan Children a $9,400 grant to support better educational outcomes and complete necessary renovations for the U Sasil Kaan School in Campamento Hidalgo, Mexico. Campamento Hidalgo a small indigenous village with a population of 200 people located in the Eastern Yucatan Peninsula. It is a true living Mayan community, where ancient traditions still exist and the Mayan language is commonly spoken, but has mostly been forgotten by the outside world.

In 2017 Positive Legacy again partnered with Dreams for Mayan Children, awarding a $10,500 grant to create a Learning Center in the community of Nuevo Durango. Their mission is to cultivate a variety of classes including basic computer skills, English language development, music education and traditional trade workshop. This project also includes supplying the Learning Center with needed materials and supplies to enable it to operate at maximum capacity for the community. Providing a resource for remote communities to utilize for expanded youth development and continued adult education is paramount for the survival of the Mayan culture.