Payment Plans

Choose Automatic Billing!

Your payments will be processed for you and you'll never get a late fee. Choose between using a bank account (ACH) or a credit card for these payments.

When will my payments be processed?

Upon making your reservation, a $250 deposit ($500 if booking a Rock Suite) per person is due. After that, your remaining balance is divided up into four equal automatic payments



3RD PAYMENT: OCTOBER 15, 2016 (Processed the following business day on the 17th)


Enroll with a Bank Account:

Simply fill out the Enrollment Form and return it to the Travel Team. Please return it to the Travel Team via email or by fax at 561-368-8923.

Enroll with a Credit Card:

The card you make your deposit with will be the credit card on file and the credit card enrolled in Automatic Billing. Just select "Yes" when asked if you want your card to be automatically billed.

Things to Know about Automatic Billing:

  • NO ENROLLMENT FEES - it's free! 
  • NO LATE FEES! Your payments will be automatically processed for you.
  • We will send an email reminder before your payment is due.
  • Additionally, once your payment is processed you will receive a confirmation email.
  • It's your responsibility to contact the Travel Team if your card info changes prior to a payment.
  • If a payment declines, you have until the end of business on the 16th to re-submit your payment.
  • $20 declined payment fee will be applied on the 17th if no payment is received.

**Reservations that are not up to date on payments 48 hours after the payment date are subject to cancellation and the appropriate penalties according to Castaway with Southern Ground Terms and Conditions.**

I want to make my own payments…

If you do not want to be enrolled in Automatic Billing you will need to select "No" when it asks if you would like your card to be automatically charged. By choosing manual payments, you are fully responsible for submitting your payments on time to keep your reservation in good financial standing.  

When are my payments due?

Upon making your reservation, a $250 deposit ($500 if booking a Rock Suite) per person is due. Then, your remaining balance is equally split into two payment deadlines.



Simply log into your account and make as many payments as you would like leading up to those dates, but you must meet the schedule listed above to avoid a late fee. Pay at your own pace or pay in full!

Things to know about Manual Payments:

  • Your payments WILL NOT automatically be processed for you.
  • We will send a courtesy email reminder prior to the payment deadline.
  • You must submit your payment on time by logging into your account.
  • $35 late fee will be applied if you fail to meet the deadlines on time- no exceptions.
  • BE CAREFUL!! Only hit the submit button once when making a payment. 
  • If you over pay or use the wrong card and request a refund you will be subject to a refunded payment fee of no less than 3.5% of the requested amount.

**Reservations still unpaid 48 hours after the payment date are subject to cancellation and the appropriate penalties according to Castaway with Southern Ground Terms and Conditions**

Do I have to use a credit card to make manual payments?

Not at all! We also accept cashier’s checks and money orders. Your initial deposit payment must be made by credit card, but then you may use a certified check or money order from there on out! 

All checks or money orders must reach our office on or before the deadlines. Any payment received via mail after the deadline will be assessed a $35 late fee. Please make cashier’s checks and money orders payable to:

Cloud 9 Adventures, LLC
405 SE Mizner Blvd., Suite 68
Boca Raton, FL 33432